Our Mission

Aahana provides education, healthcare, and vocational training
to transform the lives of India's women and disabled youth.

India, a nation of thinkers, freedom fighters, and rich cultural history, is home to 1.27 billion people. Many are unaware of the greatness that was born in India and has carried on throughout the world for thousands of years. When we visit India, it's hard to see past the hilly landscapes with scattered homes, children playing in the dirt, and sweltering sun; however, when we do, we open our eyes to the strength, love, and beauty that embodies each village, home, and person.  

While the strength and love of India lies within the children and women, so does the heartache and pain. At Aahana, we believe that empowering the most under recognized populations in India will transform society's perspective on their ability to succeed. As an organization, we understand we are not fighting just one problem, but thousands. 

Our mission is to eradicate the mindset behind the class system by empowering disabled children and women to stand up, become educated, and defy the odds. Aahana (AH-HA-NA) meaning "the first rays of sun" symbolizes that each person is the first ray of the sun we live in, this world. In 2012, we embarked on this wonderful journey to defy the odds. So what are you waiting for? Join on us on our journey towards change.