Speaker Series

In line with the United Nations' 2015 Millennium Development Goals, Aahana has developed Aahana Angles of Awareness: A Global Initiative Speaker Series. Through an ongoing series of panel discussions, each event will target one of the eight development goals, shedding light on global issues and inspiring change. 

University Chapters

Students across the country are coming together to support the cause! Through Aahana University Chapters these students work to educate young Americans of social injustices taking place around the world, especially in India. Our active chapters currently include the Virginia Commonwealth, University of South Florida, Loyola University of Maryland, and the University of Illinois at Chicago.


Aahana is always looking for dedicated new talent to expand our team. Check out our open positions!

Birthday Pledges

Pledging your birthday for Aahana is a great, simple way to start getting involved with our organization. It is easy to start a birthday pledge campaign. Fill out our form online and start spreading the word to your friends and family. 

What Aahana Did In 2014