Aahana will be working with local volunteers in Rani Pani, Nepal to help fund the development of a deep well. When the fundraiser reaches $7,500, Aahana will match existing and future donations!

Visit the campaign here!

The What:  This fundraiser is to create a deep water well that will supply a sustainable drinking water source for the Nepali Village of Ranipani. Even before the earthquake that destroyed over 60% of the 300 mudc/brick homes in the village, Ranipani has suffered from a severe lack of potable drinking water. Currently, most water comes from two insufficient sources: shallow wells that are quickly used up and plastic water tanks (from 100-5000 liters in size) which are delivered to the village at significant price markups. A deep water well, or drilled bore well, taps the water table and provides acces to the aquifer, a layer of abundant, water-bearing, permeable rock.

The Why: Water is very scarce in Ranipani, with families having to hike up and down a mountain for 5-6 km for the chance of obtaining water. Often, water has to be conserved as wells are dried up. This shortage is especially diffiuclt in the hot summer months. Through my time here, talking to community members, young and old, housing and water have been the major issues. It has a direct effect on the health and sanitation of the village, especially girls and women. 

The When: When the funding goal of 15,000 USD is reached, drilling will commence and I will provide daily updates of progress. Because the village already has piping infrastructure, water will be accessible quickly after well creation. 

The Where: Ranipani is located roughly 50 km east of Kathmandu, in Kavre District. Access to Ranipani is a 6km walk from the small town of Tin Piple, small outpost off the Araniko highway. Ranipani is a situated on top of a small mountain and tucked in between rolling hills. The village has an almost entirely agricultural economy with roughly 300 households. 

For more information, feel free to reach out to our team at info@aahanaindia.org.