Meet our UIUC Chapter President!

Hello! My name is Saloni Buch and I am the President of the new Aahana chapter here at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I am currently a junior here at UIUC and I am studying Molecular and Cellular Biology and Spanish. I also am a volunteer at Carle Hospital and am a captain of my school's dance team.

I was looking for more cultural activities on campus. There was a club that I was a part of, but it was more about social gatherings then about cultural awareness. At the same time, I was hoping to start an organization on campus that I was passionate about it and really cared about. The problem was, I didn't know what organization to start. That's when I saw that my friend had started and was president of an organization called Aahana at her University.

After going to Aahana's website and asking my friend about her experiences, I was inspired andknew that Aahana was what I had been looking for.  With this brand new chapter here at UIUC, I hope to expand students' knowledge about India's culture as well as have studentsbecome more aware about the social injustices that are still occurring not only in India, but also here in our society today. There are so many women and children that are held back because of these outdated views. Not only does this need to change, but I want to help to change it. I cannot wait to begin and start spreading awareness through our chapter here at UIUC about something I truly believe in.