Crossing Borders from Philly to India: Impacting Communities Globally

At the beginning of my freshman year of college, I automatically became heavily involved in various organizations and clubs. However, I had the desire to do something outside of myself and give back in a more monumental way. I had met Rina, heard her story, and learned about Aahana’s initiatives that served Indian communities. I was immediately drawn towards Aahana’s efforts and knew it was a movement I wanted to be a part of. I spoke with Rina about my passion for joining Aahana and a few weeks later, I was fortunate enough to became a member of the team!

Out of all of the organizations I am a part of, Aahana has been the most fulfilling. I have learned immensely as a member of Aahana’s Speaker Series team. It has been so fulfilling putting together events that raise awareness throughout Philadelphia about global issues based on the United Nations' 8 Millennial Goals. I believe ignorance can be a leading cause of poverty. Our Speaker Series panels are so vital because they provide a professional panelist discussion to explore various global issues, their causes, and methods of prevention. Through these events, we hope to empower audiences to discover and take initiatives in eliminating these issues.  

In our future Speaker Series events, I hope to reach a greater audience throughout Philadelphia and ultimately break the borders of India and Philadelphia and impact communities on an even greater global level! I am so passionate about and blessed to be a part of Aahana’s movement, working with an incredible team. Our team inspires me as we all work outside ourselves through our efforts. I cannot wait to continue to work with our team as we work towards creating greater good for communities on a global scale.