Global Food Insecurity: Hunger at Home and Abroad

There are many exciting things coming forth with Aahana in the next few weeks! This Monday, June 29th, Aahana will be hosting our speaker series on Global Food Insecurity: Hunger at Home and Abroad.  We are excited to have an exceptional panel that’ll help us shed light on food insecurity, nutrition and poverty.

Our panel consists of Folasshade Laud-Hammond, Director of Agaston Urban Nutrition Initiative, Andy Greenhow, Minister of Stewardship, Congressional Partnership & Belonging, and Jessica Humphries, Coordinator of Green Light Pantry. Being from different backgrounds and having different stories to tell, our panelists will bring a new perspective to the topic at hand.

Want to know a little bit more about our panelists before you meet them? Folasshade Laud-Hammond brings 14 years of professional experience in program design and management, community coalition building, and nonprofit organizational development leadership. Andy Greenhow has worked with homeowners and short-term volunteer groups in New Orleans. During his last two years of seminary and until starting at BSM, he worked at one of BSM’s partner congregations and his home church, Wayne Presbyterian Church, as their Director of Young Adult Ministries. Jessica Humphries held a variety of positions - as a stem cell researcher, a farmer, and a baker. She is excited now to join her interests in health, food, and food access through her work at the Coalition.

Our speakers will join to raise awareness on Global Food Insecurity. Our goal is to farther educate individuals on food insecurity, nutrition and poverty, and their correlation to education. Join us this Monday from 6-9PM in the Grand Meeting Room (Room 221) of Gerri C. Lebow Hall (3220 Market Street) to raise awareness and learn more about these issues! You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to network and discuss with our panelists and learn more about Global Food Insecurity. Help fight poverty and hunger in your community.

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