Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is power. That's what we've heard and it's why we learn. It's the first step of doing something. We know that, but it's hard getting to the action part. The part where we take all of the knowledge we have and stop talking about it. The part where we use our hands, feet, and and our hearts to do something. Anything. 

Issues like human trafficking, poverty, hunger, gender inequality, and disease want to be solved. Yet, they consume our headlines. We read about them, we talk about them, we cry about them. We seldom discuss ways we can get on our feet and do something about them. "It's sad" is a tale of yesterday. Today and all of the todays moving forward are when we stop talking about it and doing something about it. 

We started the Speaker Series initiative early this year to provide a platform for youth to take action. From our first event on gender inequality and to our second event on HIV/AIDS, we have taken to other ways we can take action. Simple steps to make this world a better place. Our four panelists, Paul Davis, Dr.Michael Blank, Dr. David Metzger, and Dr. Benoit Dubé and our moderator, Waheedah Shabazz-El provided a unique perspective to the discussion.

These panelists and amazing individuals who take part in our speaker series moving forward will provide a platform for millenials to take a stand against events going on in the world. Knowledge can only do so much, but having the change to take action through the channel of politics, activism, and business tells everyone and anyone that they can do something.