Anyone up for Dominoes? No Typo—Not the Franchise

“Greatness is not some esoteric, elusive, god-like feature that only the special among us can have.” It’s something that’s really there; it’s something that really exists—something there for the taking.

The first thing that really pulled me to Aahana was Rina’s story—and that’s what makes this different. When we first began talking, she told me about her frequent visits to Gujarat, and how she really got in touch with where her parents came from.

It hit me.

Being first generation born in an immigrant family, it was an instant connection. Sometimes I sit back and I think about what my father told me about the history of our family—first in the villages of Punjab, then to the capital New Delhi and now here. I don’t miss home, West Chester, PA, often. But when I visit Delhi, I not only look like an outsider, I am one. Enter nostalgia and the sudden want for privacy.

How can I change who I am, define where my family came from and how proud I want to make them? The mere thought of change by helping, even if just in one aspect back in India, isn’t what pushes the first domino in my mind. It’s picturing me as someone who can achieve greatness by having an effect on others in the work I do that has the caliber of building up the initial momentum.

It’s perhaps the very last domino when the difference in my actions is made—and that’s when I am allowed to start thinking about change. When I first spoke to Rina Patel, Founder of Aahana, I remember sinking back into my chair in realization. This is my chance to be great, not by pompous words but by the effect I will have on people as a member of this breathtaking team.

Although I have only been a part of team Aahana for a short amount of time, I never forget to keep these eyes of mine wide open.

It is the cohesiveness, which I noted, that ingrains the humility in our positions, not the affiliated status of them.

Jasmine Lidhar - Aahana Director of Finance and Accounting

Jasmine Lidhar - Aahana Director of Finance and Accounting