Meet Tanmay Patel

I am Tanmay Patel. I first heard of Aahana when I started my graduate program at Drexel School of Public Health. From there I started following their work with the Mamta School through Facebook, Instagram and of course their website. I always imagined myself doing the type of work Aahana does, so I contacted them to get involved.

Luckily my roommate knew Aahana founder Rina Patel since childhood and was nice enough to get me into contact with her. I met with her and she explained to me what she is doing and how far she wants to take the organization. Honestly, I was inspired and by the end of the meeting I had already offered my help.

Since then, I have met some of the most motivated and willing people I have ever met, and I am glad to say that they are part of the core team that's leading Aahana towards the future.  Since then we have worked towards restructuring the organization to make it more focused towards helping the youth become the agents of  their own change. We have also started the process to create a new marketing plan, pilot a speaker series and reach out to more people to spread the word of the work that Aahana is doing. I have learned so many new things throughout this process that I will be able to carry on with me into the future in both my personal work, and in my efforts to help others.

Thank you,


Tanmay Patel - Director of External Affairs 

Tanmay Patel - Director of External Affairs