Aditi's visit to Mamta School

I have grown up living a life where the majority of the things I want to do- I am capable of doing without a second thought. Going to India and stepping foot into Mamta School made me realize something I had not been able to realize in the 19 years I've been living. What I realized is that it does not take money and time to get things accomplished- you just have to have the will power to get it done.

Stepping out of the car, and having a storm of kids run up to me, touching my feet and welcoming me to their world warmed my heart. These kids are the epitome of strength. They laugh and enjoy life more than I probably did when I was their age. I have always been concerned with the things that I do not have, instead of appreciating the things that I do. The Mamta School kids get together with no toys and make their own games. For a blind girl to dance, for a handicapped child to participate in a play takes courage and self-confidence. Feeding one of the kids with my own hand made me forget that I had forgotten to eat. Feeding him and seeing him satisfied made me happy (In the Indian culture, feeding someone with your hand is a sign of love and care). 

They taught me a lesson that will stay with me for the rest of my life. If I want to accomplish something, all I have to do is tell myself that I can do it. The world will come to my feet if I believe in myself. The kids at Mamta School live it everyday. They are little angels and I respect them and their ability to fight and to live with what we would consider to be so little. They are truly amazing and have changed the way I now look at the world. 

-Aditi Patel
Co-President of the Aahana University of South Florida Chapter