501(c)3 Status

Yesterday, we decided to visit Mamta School one last time. The kids will be doing a performance at a local show tomorrow, so they decided to do a rehearsal show for us. As the kids performed the play and their dances that they had worked so hard on, I was taken aback to how far they have come. How far Aahana has come! 
Despite their difficult backgrounds, the kids live everyday with a smile on their face. As we were leaving, Mamta School's principal, Jayantikaka said, "Their difficult lives before Mamta School are unrecognizable. It is as if they have covered their pains with nothing but happiness". 
His statement has stayed with me and made me realize Aahana's impact on these children is great and will grow to become greater day by day. 

As our second official Aahana trip comes to a close, I wanted to announce that Aahana is now a government recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 
This is a great milestone for us and we couldn't have imagined being in a better place when it happened.

As always, we thank each and every person who has decided to join us on our journey to a better future for these children!