Blogging for a Cause Introduction

Before I start blogging about my experiences while I'm here in India, I decided it would be a good idea for you to know who "I" am. Under the 'About Aahana' tab, there is a 'Meet the Founder: Rina's Story' tab, where I give a brief description of my motivation to do work in India. 
As mentioned, both my parents were born and raised in a small, impoverished farming village in India. Because of this, I was introduced to poverty at a young age from frequently visiting India. I never truly understood what I was seeing, but as I grew up I learned more from what I was seeing and experiencing. After visiting the most impoverished parts of India, interacting and living with children and families affected, I made it my personal lifelong goal to help others in India in any way I can.
Those who escape poverty either leave that life behind and never look back or, similar to my parents, go back to that life and help those living in poverty just as they once did. A friend once said “People who grow up in poverty don’t want to go back. It’s like another life, they don’t think about it, or even go back to see where they came from.” If it was not for my parents who made sure to go back or instill their experiences of childhood struggles of living in poverty within me, I would not be the person I am today. Without these experiences, I never would have been able to work toward my passion of social justice.