"Doing a birthday pledge was the perfect way for me to celebrate because it meant that I was helping these children to possibly celebrate their birthdays as well! Helping to change these children's lives was the best gift I could ever ask for and this is an experience that I will truly carry with me in my heart for the rest of my life!" - Bianca Amin

What is a Pledge?

A Birthday Pledge with Aahana is a fundraising initiative where you start a campaign through social media, word of mouth, or any other way you can get your message out. Then instead of receiving birthday presents, your friends, family and followers donate money to Aahana in your name. 

Why Pledge Your Birthday?

Any donations you raise will help create positive changes in lives of those living in villages in rural India. Most of the things they lack, we take for granted in America. These resources include clean and safe drinking water, sanitary bathrooms and readily available education. 

How to Start a Birthday Pledge?

Start A Birthday Pledge

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